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05 Bozovic et al.pdf
Assessment of the operating modes of radial collector wells reveals that the pumping levels in the well caissons are very low relative to the depth/elevation of the laterals, which is a common occurrence at Belgrade Groundwater Source. As a result,…
Božović ĐorđePolomčić DušanBajić Dragoljub

"Valjevo karst" is an area of about 780 km2 in a broader sense, while the uncovered karstified limestone makes about 330 km2. It is a part of the Inner Dinarides (Western Serbia). In the litho-stratigraphic view, the karstified limestones of…
Dokmanović Petar, Marinović Veljko.

This paper describes Middle Miocene (Badenian) shark teeth from Serbia and discusses their geographical distribution at other localities of the Central Paratethys. The shark teeth originate from Višnjica (near Belgrade), from Višnjica Clay, or the…
Jovanović Gordana,
Trif Nicolae,Codrea Vlad,Đurić Dragana.

Palaeofloras of the Paleogene in Serbia are relatively rare, especially in comparison with floras from Neogene sediments. Most Paleogene phytoassociations from the territory of Serbia existed in a dry and warm climate. The youngest Paleogene…
Lazarević Zorica,
Milovanović Ljubica,
Milivojević Jelena,
Vasiljević Ivana.

04 Polomcic et al.pdf
The paper examines the possibility of hydraulic characterization of radial well laterals in a manner that does not require prior hydrodynamic analysis by simulating groundwater extraction conditions on a numerical model. The first step of the…
Polomčić DušanBožović ĐorđijeBajić Dragoljub

01 Radosavljevic et al.pdf
Recent mineralogical, chemical, physical, and crystallographic investigations of the Boranja orefield showed very complex mineral associations and assemblages where sulfosalts have significant role. The sulfosalts of the Boranja orefield can be…
Radosavljević Slobodan
Stojanović JovicaPačevski AleksandarRadosavljević-Mihajlović AnaKašić Vladan

Age, microfacies and depositional realm of the Grivska Formation is controversially discussed due to the fact that detailed investigations are missing. Based on reinvestigations of the type locality of the Grivska Formation and in adjacent areas, the…
Sudar Milan,
Gawlick Hans-Jürgen.

Milanković’s cycles theory published hundred years ago is the most important theory in climate science and had great influence on Earth disciplines. Nevertheless, his work waited for more than fifty years for confirmation. It could be said that…
Radivojević Dejan.

During the Late Cretaceous, marine organisms experienced significant changes in their biodiversity. These diversity changes were influenced, particularly, by the Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 near the Cenomanian/Turonian boundary (93.6 Ma). Here,…
Ruban Dmitry A., Forster Astrid, Desmares Delphine

Herein, correlations of the Jurassic sediments from NE Serbia with those of NW Bulgaria are made. The following Jurassic palaeogeographic units: the Eastern Getic, the Infra-Getic and the Moesian Platform are included in the study. The East Getic was…
Tchoumatchenco Platon, Rabrenović Dragoman, Radulović Vladan, Malešević Nenad, Radulović Barbara.
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