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This paper describes Middle Miocene (Badenian) shark teeth from Serbia and discusses their geographical distribution at other localities of the Central Paratethys. The shark teeth originate from Višnjica (near Belgrade), from Višnjica Clay, or the…
Jovanović Gordana,
Trif Nicolae,Codrea Vlad,Đurić Dragana.

Upper Triassic (upper carnian - rhaetian) grey cherty limestone are known in the internal Dinarides under the name of “Grivska Formation”. Sediments of the Grivska Formation are characterized by microfossils only - conodonts and radiolarians, and did…
Bragin Nikita Yu,Bragina Liubov G,Đerić Nevenka,Gerzina-Spajić Nataša.

Five typical bauxite samples from three ore deposits from the wider area of Grebnik Mt. (Metohija, Serbia) were examined with the optical microscopic, X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD) and chemical methods. The occurrences in bauxites were studied and…
Cvetković Željko,Tabčić Pavle.

This paper presents the first detailed biostratigraphic investigation of deposits cropping out in stream Sumijevac near Koceljeva (western Serbia). The most important fossil communities and their significance are presented. New biostratigraphic…
Jovanović Gordana,Ćorić Stjepan,Vrabac Sejfudin.
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