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Age, microfacies and depositional realm of the Grivska Formation is controversially discussed due to the fact that detailed investigations are missing. Based on reinvestigations of the type locality of the Grivska Formation and in adjacent areas, the…
Sudar Milan,
Gawlick Hans-Jürgen.

The outcomes of a study on groundwater flow from a river to a radial collector well are presented in the paper. The considered well, RB-16, is part of a groundwater source that provides water supply to Belgrade (Serbia). The source relies on the…
Dimkić Milan,Pušić Milenko.

Quaternary deposits on the banks of the Sava River in the Belgrade area have a significant thickness and they are represented by genetically different formations. The data about these sediments were obtained by exploration of two relatively shallow…
Knežević Slobodan,Nenadić Draženko,Radulović Barbara,Bogićević Katarina,Zarić Jelena.

Although an invisible component of the hydrologic cycle, groundwater generally takes precedence over other water resources in the area of drinking water supply. Among groundwater resources, karst aquifers tend to be rich in sufficiently-accessible…
Ristić Vakanjac Vesna,Čokorilo-Ilić Marina,Papić Petar,Polomčić Dušan,Golubović Radisav.

The Rudnik orefield is one of the well-known skarn-replacement and high-temperature hydrothermal Pb-Zn-Cu-Ag-Bi-W polymetallic sulfide deposits, and is a part of the Šumadija Metallogenic District, Serbia. It comprises ore bodies grouped into several…
Stojanović Jovica,Radosavljević Slobodan,Tošović Radule,Pačevski Aleksandar,Radosavljević-Mihajlović Ana,Kašić Vladan,Vuković Nikola.
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