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05 Bozovic et al.pdf
Assessment of the operating modes of radial collector wells reveals that the pumping levels in the well caissons are very low relative to the depth/elevation of the laterals, which is a common occurrence at Belgrade Groundwater Source. As a result,…
Božović ĐorđePolomčić DušanBajić Dragoljub

04 Polomcic et al.pdf
The paper examines the possibility of hydraulic characterization of radial well laterals in a manner that does not require prior hydrodynamic analysis by simulating groundwater extraction conditions on a numerical model. The first step of the…
Polomčić DušanBožović ĐorđijeBajić Dragoljub

01 Radosavljevic et al.pdf
Recent mineralogical, chemical, physical, and crystallographic investigations of the Boranja orefield showed very complex mineral associations and assemblages where sulfosalts have significant role. The sulfosalts of the Boranja orefield can be…
Radosavljević Slobodan
Stojanović JovicaPačevski AleksandarRadosavljević-Mihajlović AnaKašić Vladan

06 Ansari et al.pdf
The idea of the Anthropocene attracts attention of scientists, policy-makers, and broad public to the geological activity of humans and poses new important questions for the modern stratigraphy. The growth of the Anthropocene-related knowledge and…
Ansari M K., Statsenko Anastasia A., Moroni Adriana, Ruban Dmitry A., Zorina Svetlana O., Aloia Aniello, Ahmad M., Panikarskaja Natalia I., Radchenko Ekaterina G., Singh T.N.

02 Gerzina & Djeric.pdf
Cherts are quite frequently occurring rocks in the Internal Dinarides, an extremely complex area composed of several tectonostratigraphic units in which oceanic sediments, ophiolites and partly metamorphosed parts of the distal continental margin of…
Gerzina NatašaĐerić Nevenka

03 Marinkovic et al.pdf
The objective of the paper is to identify the boundaries of hydrogeologic structures in which natural mineral waters occur, using two examples: old mineral water (Sijarinska Banja) and young mineral water (Selters Banja). The research addresses the…
Marinković GoranPapić PetarDragišić VeselinAndrijašević Jakov
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